Lois van Baarle
Loish Animation

About Me

I've been drawing my entire life, but in 2004 I decided to pursue animation as a career. After one short year at an animation school in Ghent, I switched to the animation course at the Utrecht School of the Arts (or HKU). During my four year stay, I created a mixture of commercial and independent work and took part in numerous projects. The work I created included concepts, storyboards, character designs, concept art, animation tests, and animated shorts. Currently I am working on my graduation project, Trichrome Blue, and hope to graduate in September 2009.

HKU: Main Projects

Spring-Summer 2006: my first animated short
Spring-Summer 2007: my second animated short, Fish in a Bubble
Fall 2007: Internship at Studio Urrebuk
Spring-Summer 2008: Blitsgroup project
Summer-Fall 2008: Tanzania TaSUBa project
Spring-Summer 2009: Trichrome project
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